You will know when you don’t have a mains pressure water cylinder. If you are showering and the water temperature suddenly becomes boiling hot or icy cold because someone has turned on a tap in another part of the house, you don’t have a mains pressure water cylinder. This major inconvenience is caused by your hot water supply either being too low or having unequal pressure.

The majority of established homes in New Zealand have a low pressure water system. This is a standard, cheaper model of electric hot water cylinder. Installing it is how construction costs were kept low. The unequal pressure in these cylinders is caused by the hot water pressure being set lower than the cold water.

The other options that builders can choose from are medium pressure cylinders that deliver hot water with middling pressure, and mains pressure that provides hot and cold water at a level six times higher than the other two choices. If you have moved into a newly built home, the chances are that you have a mains pressure water cylinder in your home. This is because low pressure systems are no longer seen as cost-effective.

Check to See What Water Pressure System You Have

If you are still unsure of what cylinder you have, you can have a look at it. It may have marking on it indicating what type of pressure it provides. If it looks older than 15 to 20 years, the chances are it’s not a mains pressure water cylinder.

Another way to tell is if the water comes out of the hot tap at a significantly lower rate than it does out of the cold water tap. If you use a header tank in the roof or a valve vent issuing out the rooftop, you will have a low pressure system.

Why Make the Switch to Mains Pressure?

If being scalded or frozen mid-shower isn’t a good enough reason for you to make the swap, here are some more:

·        The delivery of hot water will be as fast and plentiful as the cold water. You can have every tap on in the house, and the temperature will be perfect and the flow even.

·        Mains pressure water cylinders hold more hot water. This will make bath time a much nicer experience in winter.

·        If you are thinking about getting one of those modern wide shower heads or taps, your water supply will be adequate to make them work.

·        Mains pressure water cylinders have extended warranties.

How Easy is it to Upgrade to a Mains Pressure Water Cylinder?

It is a simple procedure to replace your hot water cylinder. The old one will be removed with the valves it used, and a mains pressure water cylinder is put in its place. You may need to upgrade your taps as well.

How Can I Upgrade?

There are several things you can do to prepare for a water cylinder upgrade. Contact your nearest and best plumber/ plumbing supplier for more information. When you have chosen your installer, pick a date that is convenient for both of you. Someone will have to be at home on the day they inspect your old cylinder and take measurements, and on the day of instalment. There may be rust and debris on the floor after the installation; if this is a problem, you can ask for a canvas to be laid down.

And then it’s goodbye shocking shower water temperature changes and hello strong, consistent water flow.